Writing Woes: Bored of My Own Story?

Some sketchdumps from the past few weeks. Here you see Sano, Anina, Aklin and Danihon. I’ll post more about them later.



I spent most of March refactoring my story. I did a little update about it in a previous post. However, I thought that by now with the new changes in mind, I would be even more excited to continue writing.

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Rubber Duck Writing

Okay, so in programming, we have this concept of a “rubber duck.” The premise is that when you are stuck while programming — for example, if you can’t figure out a certain kink in an algorithm, or cannot see how a bug is being produced — you should talk it out with someone. Usually, the process of just trying to put the problem into words is enough to give you an insight that would solve the problem. For this reason, many programmers are rumoured to own a rubber duck. Instead of having to bother someone with their problem, they just articulate that problem to the rubber duck, and get instant insight!

I feel like I need a rubber duck right now. But not for programming. For writing my story.

Plot holes have always been my nemesis. Ever since I began writing fanfiction, almost every single thing I’ve written had been riddled with plot holes. I’ve taken to outlining my novels in detail to avoid this, but even in the outline stage, I’m struggling to put pieces together.Read More »