Tuesday Tunes: Mree

For today’s Tuesday Tunes, I want to share an American indie artist that I’ve been following for years: Mree!

Mree describes her genre as “folktronica” or “dream folk.” Her songs have a lot of ambiance, deep lyrics, and amazing harmonies. She produces all of her songs. I remember listening to her music while writing very introspective fanfiction, hehe.

Here are some of my favourites from her.

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Tuesday Tunes: Raisa

For today’s Tuesday Tunes, I want to tell you about one of my favourite Indonesian singers.

Raisa catapulted into fame almost a decade ago for her soulful R&B vibes. She has a very soothing voice that can make any song she sings relaxing and easy to listen to.

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Tuesday Tunes: UDD

I’m starting a new series of posts where I share some of my favourite music. Whenever I’m involved in any kind of creative process (ie. brainstorming, writing, drawing, and yes, even programming), I like to have a steady stream of music in the background. It’s actually pretty surprising to me that I could have gone this long on social media without really talking about music, considering how they often inspire my stories and art pieces.

You’ll notice very quickly that most of the artists that I’ll feature are foreign (at least, foreign to the mainstream North American music scene; not necessarily foreign to me). I would say that on average, I listen 90% of the time to Asian artists, and only 10% to North American / European artists.

I’m really excited to begin this series, because I feel like there aren’t a lot of people who listen to the same music as I do, and I would love to introduce these talented folks to a new audience, or meet like-minded fans.

Up Dharma Down

Kicking this series off is one of my favourite bands, UDD (once known as Up Dharma Down)!

UDD is a Filipino band whose music is a little difficult to describe. Some say they are alternative-rock, others say electro-pop. The band itself refuses to be boxed in by genre, so perhaps that’s where the difficulty comes from. Their songs range from rock with jazzy undertones, to short upbeat instrumentals, to pop with 80s/90s flair. Like I said, a little hard to describe. In the 15 years since their formation, they’ve come out with 4 albums, each packed with songs that span a wide range of genres.

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