Hello there!

My name is Leng, and I’m a computer scientist based in Toronto. In my free time, I love to read, write and draw. My favourite genre is fantasy. Interesting enough, my career and hobbies tend to be symbiotic. I usually find myself as software engineer in book-related industries, and I’m always looking out for ways to use my code-whispering skills in fandom, haha.

What This Was Supposed To Be

I started this blog in the hopes of having a hub for all my interests, professional or not. However, it’s starting to turn more into a Leng’s Hobby blog instead. When I’m not at work, I am very focused on my personal project (*ahem* a novel *ahem*), and because I only blog during my free time, the posts I end up writing are always related to my hobbies.

I’m thinking of some way to incorporate more of my tech interests here somehow. I probably won’t be able to talk much about what I do at work — at least not in much detail  — but perhaps I can post other articles I find interesting or helpful.

What This Turned Out To Be

This blog, so far, catalogues my adventures in writing as I set out to create my first original novel. For the longest time, I have been writing fanfiction for various fandoms, but around 2016 I decided it was time to write something truly my own.

I angst a lot about writing. Sorry about that. Writing is hard.

On the flip side, I do experience a few good times as well. Hopefully there will be a lot more posts in that tag soon.

I am an amateur artist. I started getting serious about improving my art skills when I was 18. I felt like I’ve plateaued since then, and so I started taking Schoolism courses. I post about my progress from time to time, but because there’s not much left between work and writing, don’t expect anything spectacular.

And finally, I read quite a bit, especially during my commute to work. I used to do book reviews for most books I read, but nowadays I usually just do a monthly round-up, with my general impressions. You can find those here. At the start of every year, I also celebrate the books I’ve read the previous year, by giving out my own fake awards, hehe.

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And credit where it’s due: the top image of me is courtesy of bebinator.com.