Hello there!

If you got here from my professional or academic portfolio, you might know me as Elaine. If you got here from my fandom platforms, you might know me as Leng or my fandom pseudonym, mander-lee. If you didn’t come from either of those avenues… well, I wonder how you found me. Either way, welcome!

I’m a computer scientist based in Toronto, interested in machine learning, data science and HCI. In my free time, I love to read, write and draw. My favourite genre is Fantasy. Interesting enough, my career and hobbies tend to be symbiotic. I usually find myself as software engineer in companies in book-related industries, and I’m always looking out for ways to use my code-whispering skills in fandom, haha.

After dabbling with many different blogging platforms, I have decided to settle on WordPress for a general blogging hub that connects my other platforms. Here you can expect to see things from book reviews to fanarts to personal posts about my school or work. Since my hobbies take up a lot of my free-time, I’m afraid that this blog might be skewed towards reading/writing/drawing, rather than tech. But there will be tech posts from time to time.

You can also find me on these platforms:

And credit where it’s due: the top image of me is courtesy of bebinator.com.