Writing Update

I was going through my blog and I realized I never gave a dedicated update about my novel. In the general update I posted a while back, I passingly mentioned that I finished my novel in February and it was now up on BetaBooks.

Ah, yeah, it’s up on BetaBooks, guys! Complete with a better summary and all. You can follow that link and sign up to read it. Mind you, this is a beta, and I’m just looking for feedback for my next draft. This is by no means anywhere near finished.

In hindsight, I feel like I did myself a disservice there. It’s an accomplishment to have finished a story, considering that it took me 3 years to write a draft that I felt comfortable sharing. Then I just bury the news in a post that was about four other things. I mean, to be fair, I did post a lot about it on Tumblr, where I am more active and have more followers. I think there was just a point after finishing the novel where I just didn’t want to write any more, including things like self-congratulatory blog posts, haha. I was so tired. Also, I guess for me and more introverted writers, trying to hype up your book to get readers interested in it doesn’t come so naturally, and hence, requires a lot of energy that I just didn’t have at that time.

I spent the last couple of months doing some art instead. A bunch of it was for fandom, but here are several that are related to my novel.

These are just some sketches to convey the personalities and a sense of the relationships between the characters.

The more content I try to produce, the more I feel like I’m falling behind. I’m pretty happy with these three pieces, but now I want to draw more. I want to draw the king and the princess and the Malicious Wind. I want to draw the characters actually performing magic. I want to draw the sea-serpent. I want something emotionally charged, but also grand and epic-looking. Sadly, I also know that I don’t have time to draw everything I want. I probably don’t have the skills to draw them. The more art I make, the more I’m convinced that I’ll need to commission an illustrator for the final product.

Confession time (because this post has deviated from update status to everything-I-feel-about-my-novel): what I’d really hate to happen is for me to sabotage my efforts by releasing premature things. What I mean is… you know those self-published authors who are so eager to get their stories out that they skip out on the editing and the professional cover designer? They might have a really good story, but because certain aspects of their product are not well-produced, they just end up hurting themselves. Sometimes I wonder whether the things I put out might actually be hurting me; there are times when I doubt the quality of what I post, especially my artwork, and I wonder whether they might end up turning people away instead of making them interested.

I’ve heard varying advice about this topic. I remember reading something from a webcomic creator who said you mustn’t wait to be “good” at drawing. If you want to share your story, you can just start now. Just make your comic now and post it. (If anyone remembers who this was, please feel free to send me the link! I completely forgot who this was!) But I’ve also heard that you shouldn’t be impatient and skip out on necessary polish because people take you less seriously that way.

Anyway, what’s on the agenda now?

  • Well, I still need to come up with a title. Without it, I can’t do a lot of the more formal things I want to do like set up an author site or a project site
  • On that note, I want to get some kind of site up and going a month or two from now, just somewhere I can consolidate all the work I’ve been doing
  • I need to plan draft 5. I already have some ideas for improvement
  • Then I need to actually write draft 5
  • Then off it goes to an editor. I already have a couple of people in mind whom I can reach out to

And yes, that’s about it for now. I promise I’ll be more dutiful in giving updates when I have them. This is what this blog is for anyway, and I know I’ve been neglecting it for a while.

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