Up on BetaBooks!

Guys! Guess what? The first quarter of my story, the entire first act, is up on BetaBooks, and I’m now looking for readers to start beta-ing. Ah, I’m so nervous, but here goes.

What’s it about?

Sano dreams to explore the world and to be a hero, which is a little difficult considering nobody’s supposed to know he exists. When his mother leaves him for a few days, a careless display of magic catapults Sano out of his reclusion, and he finds himself pursued by the king’s warriors. Thrust into the world he knows next to nothing about, aided only by a superstitious girl who wants stronger magic, he must find a way to reunite with his mother.

But it’s a dangerous time to be a fugitive in the Kingdom of Dayung. Friction among the regions is getting palpable. A shameful, shadowy past is creeping back to haunt its people. The greedy, ruthless king is desperate to eliminate any threats to his power. And to top it all, a mysterious wind is plaguing the kingdom, turning all wrongdoers into wood.

As Sano navigates the world for the first time, he must make choices that challenge his dreams and force him to confront what it truly means to be a part of the world.

What’s it called?

I don’t know! T__T I’m hoping some of my beta readers will help me brainstorm a title.

But is there anything interesting in it?

Okay, themes that it explores:

  • family, friendship, community
  • languages
  • erasure of history
  • importance of stories

Um, what else? Oh, the protagonists fall under the red oni, blue oni trope, which personally, I quite like.

Oh! It has a magic system based on programming. (‘Cuz that’s the only magic I know, haha)

And the world is inspired by precolonial Philippines! I really hate to make it seem like I want cookie points for that, but on the other hand, if you’re interested in seeing a different culture in a fantasy setting, well, here’s a story for ya. Also, I spent a lot of time doing research so if you can provide guidance on that regard, I will honour you forever.

Are there things you should be wary of?

This story is meant to be MG-level. Violence is kept to a minimum; no gory details. No romance maybe if you squint.There’s polytheism and animism, so a warning if that’s not something you’re comfortable seeing.

Where can you see my novel?

Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll send you a link! You’ll have to sign up to BetaBooks, I believe, but it’s completely free if you’re just reading. I have a monthly subscription that allows me up to 20 beta readers. I’ve outlined some guidelines for the critique, and hopefully it’s self-explanatory.