February 2018 Art

In my last update about my Schoolism subscription, I mentioned that I switched momentarily from the Pictorial Composition course to take a lighting course. I’ve been watching Sam Nielson’s Fundamentals of Lighting, because I think I lack even the most basic grasp of light and colour. That said, I still proceeded with the 2nd assignment for Pictorial Composition, just so I don’t lag too much behind. Here’s some of my compositions:

The lecture was about “Unity with Variety.” I think I was more successful in some than the others. I was supposed to make 5 compositions, but the 1st one I did was really bad (which was the reason I decided to switch to the lighting course), and I just don’t have the time to make another one. I really ought to get back to writing.

By the way, two of these are fanarts for The Queen’s Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, and two of them are illustrations related to my original project.

You know, I’m not super ecstatic about any of these, but looking back, I think I don’t give myself enough credit. Most of the artwork I produced center around a character’s face, and you’d be lucky if you get any kind of background. And yet here I have 4 compositions that have a central figure other than a face and a full-fledged background (if not that interesting).

Another accomplishment I’m super proud of is making a speedpainting video for one of these. I’ve always wanted to do a speedpainting video but I never felt like I was cool enough to do it. I thought, “Whose going to watch this?” But while working on one of these comps, I felt carefree enough to try my hand at capturing my screen, and with some quick edits, I put together I speedpainting video.

Song credit: Malaya by Moira Dela Torre


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