General Updates

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to read a complete book in February. The latter half of it was pretty insane in terms of schoolwork. Fortunately, Goodreads tells me that I read enough book in January to make up for it, so I don’t fall behind my goal.


So what happened at school in February? During the week of the 20th, we had a 4-day internship fair. If you don’t already know about the Masters program I’m in, it is an applied Masters with an 8-month internship requirement. The 4-day fair was a way for us to get to know the industry partners of the program, and to apply for an internship. So the 2nd half of February was filled with interviews and phone-calls, on top of the usual amount of homework.

I’m very lucky that I managed to snag an internship position at one of the my top choices for companies. It’s a little far in terms of commute, but only a few minutes longer than when I used to work at BiblioCommons. Hopefully it won’t be so bad. For those of you who are wondering, the company is called Kobo — that’s right! The one that makes eReaders and sells eBooks! One of my perks is that I get a free eReading device and free eBooks! How exciting!

As an introvert, I find interviews to be a real challenge. I’m lucky I only went on three (excluding phone calls from company representatives who wanted to chat). Overall, I’m very pleased with the results of the internship-hunting process, and I hope I do well at Kobo. It’s actually one of my dream companies to work for, except I never imagined it would be for a research position. Even better! There was one other company I was hoping to get into, mostly because the commute is less demanding, but again, I’m very happy with the way things worked out.

Now, onto course work! I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m taking a graphics course this semester. It’s a seminar course, and I thought it would be fun. I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s very challenging. I never imagined how much complex mathematics goes into making things move on screen. Now I appreciate the art programs I use even more! I’m really out of my depth in this course, and there are times I’ve wanted to cry. But the professor is really nice, and for my final project, I’m actually working with him on a machine learning project instead of implementing a graphics paper by myself. So my project turned into something that I wasn’t sure I could even do, to something I can do but is a hell lot of work.

Personal Project

The last time I talked about my story, it was to talk about the problems I was having with the concept of prophecy. I was able to patch it up at the time and continue on. Now, I’ve written about 40-45% of my story and I realize that the patch is not holding up. I’ve taken some time during the past few days to really evaluate my story and figure out what messages I want to send, and how to effectively send them without getting tangled up in unnecessary plot-twisting.

I finally landed in something a lot simpler. It doesn’t involve any prophecy at all, so I can’t title my story The Hero of Lore anymore — since there is no lore. Well, there is, but it isn’t about a hero. And it’s not that important to the main storyline. What I ended up with is somehow a lot closer to the seed of the idea from which the story evolved. You know how you get ideas for stories, right? And usually these ideas are just concepts with no context whatsoever? I think the storyline I have right now fits much better in those glimpses of concepts I had imagined at the very beginning. It makes me realize how much I twisted the idea for this story in order to fit around a prophecy. In hindsight, it seemed less organic.

I’m not going to rewrite the 40-45% I already have for now. I think I will just mark the refactor and continue to write as if the changes are already made. I saw this advice somewhere before. They say that if you always go back and edit, you’ll never finish your story. But looking back at the parts I’ve already written, I think about 70% of it still fits in this new storyline. It makes me wonder how much my subliminal idea for this story was actually projecting itself onto my writing. The characters and their actions actually make more sense with the refactor than without it.


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