First Post

Ah yes, an obligatory first post. I’ve re-purposed this blog from a school blog for a course from 2013, to an all-purpose general blog for things I like to share. More things to come!


2 thoughts on “First Post

  1. Hi! I’ve never really explored WordPress before – what are the pros and cons you’ve found about it?

    • Ahh, I’m so glad to see a comment from you here!!

      Sadly, I’m still quite new to WordPress. I only posted a couple of stuff before for school. What I do know is that WordPress seems to have a better reputation among bloggers over LJ. Especially for school and professional related stuff, I think WP is just better known and more accessible.

      That said, while writing up my first 3 posts, I did notice that the user interface for WP is a lot cleaner than LJ. The formatting for images too is very flexible. I also really like that the themes are so customizable, even moreso than LJ’s themes. There are still ads like LJ, but they’re not so intrusive, hehe. The downside to WP, like Tumblr, is that it’s not as conducive to community participation. I don’t think there’s a platform out there that beats LJ when it comes to that.

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