Thick As Thieves ARC Contest

Oh gosh, I hope this would not come across as a school essay. The prompt for this entry is, “Why I should have an ARC.” I think I will echo most of the other entries in saying “I really need one” and “I really want one!” Hehe. But I think I will also customize my response by saying how The Queen’s Thief series in general has affected me as a person.

QT was one of the reasons I became a better reader, writer and artist. Yeah. As someone who didn’t really read much as a teen, reading QT and participating in Sounis really improved my reading skills. I used to be the kind of inactive reader who wouldn’t think twice about certain lines, and so I always missed subtle twists or nuances in stories. QT changed that. I learned how to read better, where to find clues, and how to check my perceptions. In the end, I learned how to enjoy stories all the more because my experience with QT reminds me that there’s more to discover if you just know where to look.

Becoming a better reader also made me a better writer. Even though I mostly wrote fanfiction, QT inspired me to take chances with twistier plots. And because twists require that you actually have some idea of your story’s plot, I really had to learn how to map out my stories before hand. Which is a good thing, because I used to be the kind of writer whose characters would inevitably die by tripping into plot holes. Moreover, I realized the importance of subtlety. Whereas before, all I really cared about were long, flowery internal monologues or commentaries about weather, I now enjoy writing with deceptive simplicity. And I think my stories are better when there’s actually stuff going on, not just a boastful list of thesaurus-based vocabulary.

And finally, to top off this hamburger-style essay, I would say that QT made me a better artist. Well, not even better, but I would say, it made me an artist. I wasn’t an artist for most of my life. I enjoyed drawing every now and then, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon the QT fandom (and many other book fandoms) that I felt the need to take drawing more seriously. I really love looking at fanarts, but for many small book fandoms, there aren’t many fanarts at all. I realized that just like with fanfiction, if there’s something I wanted to see but nobody else is creating it, it’s up to me to do it! The problem was that I was a very bad artist at first. So I really had to push myself to learn art. Because if I want to see a picture of Eugenides and Irene kissing in that infamous Queen of Attolia tent scene, well too bad, nobody else would give it to me! Or how about a dandy Gen striking a really awesome pose? A buff Sophos? Gen and Irene just being dorky? These images were always in my head, and I wanted to see them manifest in real life. I wanted to share them, and squee with other fangirls about my ideas. I don’t think I would have worked half as hard at being an artist if it wasn’t for QT.

I don’t know if any of these things really justify why I deserve an ARC, haha, and I definitely don’t think I deserve one any more than other fans. But I guess I just want to say that I love, love, love this series so much, not only because of the wonderful characters –who now seem a little more than just imaginary friends — or the amazing plot twists, but also because of the positive influence it had on me.