Blog Moved

Hi guys! I officially moved my blog to

Thanks to everyone who read my posts here. Don’t worry, I migrated the majority of my posts over to the new blog, so you will still be able to access previous content.

I made the decision to move blogs for a few reasons:

  • Branding: WordPress isn’t very flexible with customizing themes. For a while, I did upgrade to a paid plan, but even then, updating the CSS was painstaking. As a developer, it is so much easier to apply CSS using extension languages like SASS and when I am also in control of the markup. It just didn’t make any sense for me to pay $5 a month to do more work than what I can do on my own. I already have a theme for my main website, it was literally a matter of copy-pasting the theme to a self-hosted blog.
  • SEO: Unless you’re on the professional plan, WordPress doesn’t allow for much discoverability. My posts don’t get listed on search engines. They can only be found within the community. My goal had been to use my blog to help funnel traffic into my writing website, but if there were few people coming over to my blog, even less would go to my main site. Having a self-hosted blog that shares a domain with my main site (and actually looks like my site) would be better for funneling traffic.

The new blog does have one main downside: No comments. It is a static site (plain html, no server side code), so it cannot process comments. However, I am planning to upload future posts to several social media sites, so I can interact with people on those platforms instead. Most commenters on my blog were people I knew from other social media platforms anyway. Eventually if I think I need comments on my blog, I’ll just add a third-party app like Disqus.

My WordPress account will remain active. I do follow some interesting blogs here, so I will continue to use this as a way to follow other people and comment on others’ posts.

That is all, guys! Thank you again, and have an advanced Happy New Year!